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The blog contains snapshots, quotes and articles about the convergence of markets and industries and about technology as a game changer.

With the mobility revolution is taking place and the internet-of things becoming true, the future challenges are all about improving intelligence: the speed of decision-making, innovation with products and services. While devices, traffic and bandwidth accelerate, deployment and operational demands will be automated.

Therfore every industry will face new challenges and find new opportunities to create smarterproducts and services, create more convenience for consumers and Information technology will grow into engineering and productioni processes.

Innovation is moving extremly fast and in so many directions. In consequence it has become challenging to even pay attention.This blog focuses on topics driven by the information and telecommunication industries and its influence on other industries, which attracted the authors attention immediately and which she thinks is worth, keeping in mind.

The  aim is to get an integrated view on engineering and information technology and collaboration with marketing and engineering competence in these fields.

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